Some Background to the Port Controversy?

Posted: February 22, 2006 in International, Politics

There is more to the port deal than meets the eye. The administration is in the middle of an extensive negotiation that has been ongoing for two years, in conjunction with similar meetings with Bahrain and Oman.y

This probably explains the harsh reaction of President Bush to the initial news of the opposition to this deal, threatening to use the first veto of his entire presidency. A rejection of this deal with the UAE could slow down negotiations seriously, even cause the parties involved to reject free trade agreements with the United States.

Of course, that does not excuse the administration’s lack of preparation for the firestorm created when news of this deal was released. This entire crises could have been avoided with a few phone calls to political leaders, who would have been well aware of public reaction to something like this…the administration’s arrogance have, again, cost it political ‘pull,’ and this might be the end of any poltiical influence the administration might have had. Who can trust them, after this? They have shown little capability in the past few months, and almost every initiative they have made, Social Security reform, Medicaire prescrption drug disaster, the Harriet Myers Supreme Court fiasco, and the most recent catastrophe, Dick Cheney’s unfortunate hunting accident.

This is worse than simply lame duck politics. The White House is in full meltdown. Someone call in the ambulance before the victim causes more damage to itself



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