Michelle Malkin’s Blog banned from the UAE

Posted: February 20, 2006 in Media, Politics

I think someone has to remind the administration that, simply because we buy and sell from a country does not allow us to assume they are our friends. The UAE is a monarchy. We do not expect individual liberty and thought from such a form of government, and we can only trust them so far.

By Michelle Malkin   ·   February 20, 2006 09:44 AM

A number of readers overseas have e-mailed that my blog is now inaccessible in the United Arab Emirates. B. writes: 

All internet users in the UAE have to use the government owned ISP, Etisalat. All web traffic is routed throught their servers where it is filtered, and some pages banned. Most of the banned pages are either porn, gambling or Israeli sites, but you have made the cut. Congrats.


One of Tim Worstall’s Dubai-based commenters sends a similar report.

  1. johnrj08 says:

    I think the people of the UAE are probably better off without Malkin’s blog, which is routinely racist and divisive in nature.

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