The Administration is NOT working for the Best Interests of the Country

Posted: February 19, 2006 in National, Politics

Opening our borders to illegal immigration was bad enough, but selling our port security to Arabic nations, is just the final step for me.

WASHINGTON – Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff on Sunday defended the government’s security review of an Arab company given permission to take over operations at six major U.S. ports.

“We have a very disciplined process, it’s a classified process, for reviewing any acquisition by a foreign company of assets that we consider relevant to national security,” Chertoff told Tim Russert on “Meet the Press.”

London-based Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co., was bought last week by Dubai Ports World, a state-owned business from the United Arab Emirates. Peninsular and Oriental runs major commercial operations in New York, New Jersey, Baltimore, New Orleans, Miami and Philadelphia.

Ok, I have been willing the give the administration the benefit of the doubt on Homeland Security up until now, but my credulity has been stretched to the breaking point on this one. What does being at war really mean to these guys? They have booked on the immigration issue, claiming that our economy needed ‘cheap labor’ (should we say slave labor). Now, we are supposed to acquiesce to the notion that a company from the UAE, home of al Jazeera, should take over operations at United States ports?

Let us call this for what it is; rich guys making decisions that benefit themselves and their friends. Does that sound like a Liberal chant? Yes, it is…and it is right. We are being looted by the oil companies, our natural resources are being devastated…and what WAS discussed at Dick Cheney’s Energy meeting just after this administration took office?

It is time that we, as Conservatives, have to start taking this administration to task. They are NOT acting like Conservatives, and are NOT working in the best interests of the people of this country. The size of government has grown, the budget has gone through the roof, and the administration has done nothing to stop the wasteful pork-barrel spending by both houses alike.

We must stick to OUR principles…and not let the adminstration decide what those prinicples are.


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