Syrian Hit List: Journalists Targeted for Death; Not a Peep from U.S. Media

Posted: February 19, 2006 in Media

Debbie forgot to mention that the journalists in question are Lebanese journalists. As such, one can understand the lack of concern of American journalist for these foreign journalists who actually put their life in danger to report the truth; the Lebanese journalists certainly cannot be as important as an American journalist who has to face the White House Press Secretary daily.

By Debbie Schlussel

Our favorite source of Lebanese news, Ya Libnan, reports that Syria has a hit list of journalists. Syria, on the State Dept. Terrorist List, has a target: Freedom of the Press. The country is targeting journalists critical of Syria.

You’d think journalists all over America would be outraged and would cover this extensively, as they have the less worthy stories of leftist, pan-Islamist journalist Jill Caroll’s kidnapping or ABC Anchor Bob Woodruff’s injuries in Iraq. But you would be wrong. We had to go to a Lebanese site to find out about it.

Not a peep out of the Mainstream Media on Syria’s mafia-style plan to eliminate fellow journalists (with apologies to La Cosa Nostra for the comparison). Yet, whenever Syria raises the spectre of forcing Israel to “give back” (read: give UP, not back) the Golan Heights and Shebaa Farms to Syria, the U.S. media is all over it, like Jake Gyllenhaal to Heath Ledger in “Brokeback Mountain.”


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