David Gregory Unplugged

Posted: February 18, 2006 in Media

From Hugh Hewitt:

T]he debate playing out in the blogosphere, cable airwaves and on talk radio pits the Vice President against an allegedly left-wing, overly cynical, prissy White House press corps in a tizzy because it wasn’t the first to know and angry because it hates the President and Vice President anyway.

That’s exactly right. And it comes from NBC’s David Gregory.
Gregory goes on to announce that this description is “nonsense,” but of course Gregory has not allowed himself to be questioned outside of his network. He doesn’t return calls and he won’t make himself available for questions about what appears to be his deep seated hostility for the vice president and the Administration.

A professional would have calmly assenbled the facts and asked specific questions from McClellan. Gregory’s overheated demands to know the president’s “feelings” about the incident revealed a great deal about Gregory’s bias and his talents. Soxblog suggested in his 2/15 post that those who know Gregory say he is wrongly judged on his meltdown this week, but unless and until Gregory is as willing to answer questions as he is to pose them, we can assume that what we saw is what he is.
Gregory is now caught up in controversy and he’s both stonewalling and trying to change the subject.



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