Some Republicans ARE Conservative

Posted: February 18, 2006 in National, Politics

 Mark Alexander
From Patriot No. 06-06; Published 10 February 2006

As the titular head of the Republican Party, President George W. Bush has distinguished himself as a conservative when it comes to foreign policy and, certainly, admirably, when it comes to restoring the judicial branch to its proper constitutional role, but he has failed dismally when it comes to restoring, much less holding government to its proper constitutionally limited role.

At present, Republicans control the executive branch and both houses of Congress, yet the size and regulatory role of the central government has grown, largely unabated since President Bush took office. Of course, our nation’s vigorous response to the 9/11 attacks, and our pre-emptive military response to Jihadists in the Middle East and elsewhere around the world, is responsible for some of that growth, but those necessary — and we might add, constitutionally mandated — expenditures have not been offset by spending cuts to domestic programs, as Mr. Bush once promised.

In fact, President Bush’s SOTU was, itself, so acquiescing to de facto social programs that it could have more aptly been titled, “The Nanny State of the Union.” Sure, his administration has made a few little nips on growth and tucks on taxes, but his fiscal budget for 2007, though leaner than previous budgets, reflects spending increases over his tenure of almost 50 percent more than Bill Clinton’s last budget.

Typical of out-of-control domestic-spending programs are the new Medicare Part D prescription drug boondoggle and the disgracefully earmarked 2005 transportation bill. Spending on a bloated government bureaucracy that Reagan Republicans once endeavored to eliminate entirely, like the Department of Education, is up 139 percent since Clinton left office.

So, this is what we’ve been fighting for?

I did not vote for George Bush, the first time; I felt there was not that much difference between him and his opponent, Albert Gore. In this, I was wrong, as Bush proved himself better than Gore after 9/11. I voted for Bush the second time, with reservations, as the alternative choice was so awful, that any vote against the alternative was better then nothing.

With that said, there is SO much I dislike about the current sitting President. Leave aside Iraq, where I feel he has wimped out often, and cost lives, but his domestic agenda is a disaster. The size of the Federal government has grown, the deficit has grown, and his budgets are little different than a Democrat would have proposed…and I have a feeling that Bill Clinton would have proposed a better budget. His social security proposals died on the vine, he has no suggestion for fixing Medicare, has not taken a lead in defending the Constitution…in fact, one would be hard-pressed to find anything positive to say about the President except that he is not a Democrat.

I look forward to the 2008 election, so we can find better choices, but I fear the American political process is broken. A capable man will not run; why should anyone put himself through that process? It is a demeaning, disgraceful process that takes over two years, costs millions of dollars, and forces one to make compromises simply to get elected that haunt you later on in office.

There are many suggestions for fixing the system; the campaign season should be no longer than six weeks, plenty of time for candidates to make their position known. The primary system has to be opened up so that candidates from other parties can afford to run, and funding for political campaigns has to be reformed; it is ridiculous to have a system where only rich people can run for public office, and most of THEIR time is spent raising money, rather than articulating positions….etc etc. The fact is, there is no incentive, in Congress, to change the system, and no pressure from the public to make them do so. Until the American People get OFF THEIR FAT, SELF-SATISFIED, BLOATED ASSES, nothing will change.


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