Dick Cheney’s Pink Tie

Posted: February 17, 2006 in National, Politics

LOL…that is SO left. If you can not find an issue, manufacture one. Or, is it just a total lack of perspective? Or, both? The left has been so incredibly oversensitive about everything, because, IMO, they can not find a real issue. I never know whether to laugh or to cry. 

Ah, Robin Givhan, the fashion reporter and Maureen Dowd wannabe of the Washington Post, sees some sort of significance in Dick Cheney’s choice of…..a pink tie. You might have thought it was just a tie, but then you lack the mental acuity of Ms. Givhan.

Cheney’s pink four-in-hand registered in the manner of pigtails on a gangsta rapper. In the parlance of hip-hop, the look is full of macho swagger and the not-so-subtle suggestion that even with the hairdo of a pre-adolescent girl, the rapper is still the toughest thing standing in the room. The incongruous sartorial flourish is a display of irony and confidence.

And you might have missed the obvious comparison to the pink outfit that Hillary Clinton wore for her press conference on how she made $100,000 on cattle futures.

Observers parsed Clinton’s pink suit for meaning and it was read as deliberate costuming. A tough woman had wrapped herself in sugary innocence. She was trying to seduce an audience into believing that nothing untoward could have been done by the little lady in baby-blanket pink.

It was difficult to see any irony in Clinton’s pink suit, although there well may have been plenty. A woman in pink, exuding all the connotations of girls being made of “sugar and spice and everything nice,” is a cliche that stubbornly lingers in the culture. Clinton wasn’t so much mocking the process as succumbing to it. She was settling into her “proper” place if only for the photo op.

For Clinton, a pink suit worked like a shield. For Cheney, a pink tie was a weapon.

Wow, who knew? If all it takes for Cheney to have a weapon is to choose a pink tie, I guess he can leave the birdshot at home


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