Liberals Upset at Cheney’s Fox Interview

Posted: February 16, 2006 in Media

Senator Chuck Schumer is upset that Cheney decided to go to FOX to explain his hunting incident:

“Doing an exclusive interview with any single news organization is not enough. The Vice President hasn’t had a press conference in three and a half years and he ought to have one to clear the air not only on this issue, but more importantly on the many other issues that have been shrouded by a veil of secrecy. The press corps and American people deserve answers, not avoidance from this Administration.”

Real Clear Politics suggests that he went to the network, because they have more viewers than CNN and MSNBC combined … times two or three. I disagree, completely. Cheney went to Britt Hume for the interview, not necessarily Fox, but Brit Hume is on Fox because Fox is a class act. This is the ONLY venue where Cheney could get a respectful hearing on the matter. Considering the actions of the press in the past few days, he was quite correct on this.

As I said before, I might like Cheney, personally, but care little for him, politically. His actions demonstrated an obvious disdain for the White House Press corps, and I am sure he expected the reaction he got. He obviously cared far more for the fact that he might have killed his friend than what the press thought about him, and I respect him for that.




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