Cheney Was Wrong

Posted: February 16, 2006 in National, Politics

Before I begin, I want to say that I do not dislike Dick Cheney; personally, from what I have seen of him, I think that I would, in fact, enjoy spending the evening with him. He is gruff, and opinionated, but I like that.

With that said, I have noted that, from the beginning, that he brings an air of arrogance to the Presidency that I do not like. He began his administration on the wrong foot, when he held a summit meeting with industry leaders in energy, and refused to release the names of those who were there, and what was discussed. Perhaps he did not have to, and perhaps there was no need for him to do so, but it raised suspicions in people’s minds that something was going on that should have been aired in public.

Granted that Cheney owes nothing to a press that will distort what he says and even lie to make him look bad…but he had a responsibility to be forthright about what happened last weekend. For him not to do so simply gives his enemies the ammunition to suggest that something was going on here that should have been aired in public and wasn’t. It focused the issue on Cheney, his secretiveness and arrogance, rather than on his vicitim.

As Mark Davis said, today, the administration needs to show that it will not hold in secret events that do not require secrecy, so they can have the moral high ground when they do have to keep secrets. They lose a little bit of credibility by the way they handled this…not much, of course, because it isn’t an issue, but a little bit. It doesn’t help them, or the Republicans, and it was not necessary. A simple statement, after, of course, Mr. Wittington was taken care of and his family notified, would have pushed this issue to the back burner in a heartbeat.


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