Some wonderful Perspectives on the Danes

Posted: February 16, 2006 in International, Politics

Some wonderful perspectives on the Danes, from Atlas Shrugged. I live in Minnesota, and am not very happy with Scandanavians, as neighbors…but have always loved the Danes, as a people. From their actions in WWII, to save the Jews, to the present, they have always come up with a unique way to demonstrate their courage, love of humanity and quirky sense of humor:

Sunlight in the best disinfectant” – Louis Brandeis

Seems to me on the dhimitude continent of Eurabia, the Danes are mighty bold. Mighty mighty men
One tough Danish Prime Minster; Danes Apologize for Cartoons but not Prime Minsiter Rasmussen

But one Dutch political cartoonist is made of even sterner stuff. Please click on this cartoon it is a MUST SEE Oh and the title “Gevoelig” means “Sensitive.”hat tip: LGF

Ah the smell of fresh Roses of the Prophet Mohamad

And who to believe and why?

Muslim Boycotts Hurt Danish Firms
Consumer boycotts of Danish goods in Muslim countries in protest of the publication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad are costing Denmark’s companies millions, and have raised fears of irreparable damage to trade ties.

but but but it’s working here


A Danish reader reports:

Today’s Jyllands-Posten says that the growth in 2006 in Danish exports to two countries alone is larger than our total export to the entire Muslim world. The two countries are Germany and USA, and the estimates are even made without considering the Buy Danish-campaigns, that are unfolding in these two countries. If they have an effect, it’ll be an extra bonus.


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