Links to Saudi Blogs

Posted: February 16, 2006 in International

Some fascinating links to blogs by Saudi kids. Healing Iraq is a great blog, and a great source of information on how the younger generation is faring under one of the more strict religious States in the Middle East. It gives one some very small hope for change.

I stumbled on to some fresh Saudi blogs thanks to a link by new Iraqi blogger Ozmonsta (young Iraqi student living in London). First, you have to check out Ubergirl’s blog. It’s a fascinating and intriguing glimpse through the eyes of a young Saudi girl living in the secret Kingdom. And guess what.. She’s into Green Day! Though I would hardly call Green Day the greatest band of all times; far shot, heh.

And then you have this blog, Youmeyat Duba (translated to Diaries of a Fatso), also by a Saudi girl. The blog is mostly in Arabic (Saudi dialect), but the comments by other Saudis are in English. One Saudi bloke started blabbering about western infidels corrupting the morals of Saudi girls, and gets blasted by other Saudis in her comments section. Wild.

The prize goes to this conceited fellow, claiming to be a prince from the Al-Rashid clan of Shammar. The Al-Rashid clan ruled Najd up to the 20th century when Ibn Saud and his Wahhabi followers kicked their butts and forced them into submission. His writing is interesting, if only he bragged less about his cars, girlfriends and flats in Europe.

You can find links from these to about a dozen more Saudi blogs. I haven’t checked them all, but I strongly suggest you do.

And I thought the Religious Policeman was the only Saudi blogger out there.


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