Cheney’s Hunting Accident

Posted: February 13, 2006 in National, Politics

Frankly, I am not going to say more on this subject than the following. I think that Conservatives do themselves much better to ignore the left when they make fools of themselves like this than to give this nonsense the dignity of refutation. Middle America is familiar with hunting, knows things like this happen, and can only be bemused at this demonstration of Liberal hysteria. We should stand above it, ignore it, and let it die away, as it will if no one notices it. I think Cheney might have handled it better, if only not to give the press ammunition, but I cannot fault him for worrying more about his friend, who was wounded, and about the dignity of his host. There was no immediate ‘need to know.’ There were other things that were more important..

 Michelle Malkin reports:

White House press secretary Scott McClellan is getting mauled over the delay in the public disclosure of Vice President Dick Cheney’s hunting accident. NBC’s David Gregory is fuming (I know, what else is new). Other reporters are shouting and interjecting.

The Powerline blog group says:

Elements of the MSM, led by the ridiculous David Gregory of NBC, are working themselves into a fever pitch over the hunting accident in which Vice President Cheney wounded a fellow hunter. It seems that Cheney was more concerned with his companion’s well-being than with notifying the press, and the latter chore eventually fell to a third-party — the person who organized the outing. Beyond hoping that the injured party is well, I don’t see much need to comment about this one. I think Mark Levin has it about right.

And Sister Toldjah wraps it pretty much up:

You’re watching it and reading it all over the news – the ’scandal’ over the accidental shooting by VP Dick Cheney of fellow hunter Harry Whittington. Newsbusters gives the lowdown on how Charlie Gibson on Good Morning America tried to spin this story this morning.

Unfortunately, Gibson isn’t the only one. Michelle Malkin reports that WH Press Secretary Scott McClellan got hammered on the delay in the reporting of this to the media and includes a link to Expose the Left’s video of the media doing what it does best: hyperventilating over yet another non-issue.

More: Musing Minds has a partial transcript. (Hat tip: Junkyard Blog)



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