Algore on Israel (or not on Israel)

Posted: February 13, 2006 in National, Politics

From Powerline

At Right Wing Nuthouse Rick Moran makes several excellent points about Al of Arabia’s disgraceful speech yesterday, but here is one that I had missed completely:

[W]hat did our courageous Hamster-In-Chief do when several of the attendees asked about US support for Israel? Did he point out that Israel is an American ally by virtue of it being the only democracy within ballistic missile distance? Did he offer strong support for the brave Israeli people facing the prospect of increased terrorism from those “Hamas reformers?”

Several audience members criticized the United States for what they described as “unconditional” U.S. support for Israel, saying U.S. diplomats helped Israel flout U.N. resolutions that they enforced when the measures targeted Arabs. 

Gore refused to be drawn into questions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“We can’t solve that long conflict in exchanges here,” Gore said.

“Duck and cover” used to be the byword in the 1950’s when we schoolkids saw the bright flash of a nuke going off nearby. Protozoa Brain has adopted the saying to explain why he felt it necessary not to talk some “truth to power” with regards to the Saudis and their nauseating support for Palestinian terrorists.
I had meant to note this morning that Sheikh al-Gore was undoubtedly paid a princely sum for his disgraceful performance. How much?


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