Illegal Immigration

Posted: February 8, 2006 in National, Politics

This is a fascinating issue, in so many ways. It cuts across political and social boundaries, and takes us back almost 150 years to the era of slavery and Capitatlistic exploitation at the beginnings of our country.

Here we have a Republican President, supposedly Conservative, though his credentials have never really been established, making the point that we invite people into our country who would, otherwise, come here illegally, and give them a pass to work at substandard wages, with no legal protection, so their employers can profit from their low wages, and lack of expensive benefits that an American would require. The justification is that these people do work that ‘Americans will not do.’ We give these people no benefits, medical or retirement, and, when we are done with them, throw them to the mercy of the next employer, without a thought.

Huh? Come again? Is this America of which we talk? The place where ‘all men are created equal?’ What is this we are creating but a sub-set of society, a pool of cheap labor for which we do not feel responsible. It is a means for employers to make larger profits than they would if they paid Americans a decent wage to do that work. We are subsidizing our cheap food, cheap garments, cheap servents on the backs of people who have known nothing but poverty, and whose expectations are not high.

These are the reasons why it has become so hard to convince our leaders to strengthen our porous borders; they all benefit from the situation, and would lose money by changing it. Perhaps many will go out of business, without the cheap labor, but that is the nature of Capitalism, is it not? If you cannot afford to be in business, then you go out of business…or you figure out how to make it profitable.

I suggest that we cease this nonsense. Close the borders, build a wall so that no one can sneak over. No ‘guest worker’ program, but pay the wages the job is worth. Is it so hard for us to realize that slavery demeans the slavemaster as much as it debases the slave? We do NOT benefit from cheap labor, we suffer from it. We must STOP this nonsense! Now! Right now. Send the army, if necessary…because if we do not, the effects will eat us up, one day. The Old South understood this, before the Civil War, but could not cease the luxury that their ‘unfortunate institution’ gave them. We must learn from their lesson, and stop.


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