Democratic Cluelessness

Posted: February 7, 2006 in National, Politics

The New York Times has an article  suggesting that the Democratic strategists are worried that they have not taken sufficent advantage of perceived Republican weaknesses enough to gain in the 2006 elections.

These guys are so pathetic. They simply do not understand that they are not getting the response they think they should be getting BECAUSE of their pathetic attempts to exploit what they THINK are Republican weaknesses…in fact, those ‘weaknesses’ they are attacking are precisely the strengths of the Republican party, a respect for God, the flag, for national security and the sanctity of the family, a belief in smaller government and less taxes. The Democrats have been their own worse enemy for a decade, and, considering this article, they will NEVER understand why. 

This is not to say that the Republicans have always stood up for these principles. The Republican Congress has violated virtually every economic principle upon which Conservatives believe; they have increased the size of government, increased the deficit, made new records in pork barrell spending. and failed to stick together in the face of Democratic obstructionism. All I can say is that, at least, the Republicans HAVE principles. The Democrats stand for nothing but opposition to Republicans, and that paucity of belief has been and will be their undoing.


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