Carter Disgraces Carter

Posted: February 7, 2006 in National, Politics

Today, the American left threw another shovelful of dirt into its political grave. President Bush came to Coretta Scott King’s funeral to honor the woman for her service to the nation. Instead of a ‘celebration of her life,’ the event turned into another disgraceful embarrassment for the leader of our nation. One former President, lashed out, twice, at the current President, and a speaker deliberately provoked the President.

Jimmy Carter has been an embarrassment to the nation since he stepped into his office. He abandoned the Iranian Shah, Palehvi, leading directly to the hostage crises which defined his Presidency. He is generally credited as being one of our weakest Presidents.

Today, Carter managed to hit a new low for himself and his reputation. He embarrassed the President, the country, the memory of Martin Luther King’s wife, and the Democratic Party, with which he is identified. His actions were the most despicable of his long career, and that is saying a lot. He is a small man, with a small mind..

The American people do not want to see this. They will, quite properly, pain the Democratic party with this shame. This is unfortunate, as the nation needs a two-party system, but the Democrats are sinking so fast into mediocrity that it looks, to this commentator, as if there is no political alternative to the Republican party, and I regret this. We need a viable third party. We do not have one, at present.


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