Axis of Evil

Posted: February 7, 2006 in National, Politics

The term “axis of evil” was used by United State President George W. Bush in his State of the Union Address on January 29, 2002 to describe “regimes that sponsor terror”. Bush named Iraq, Iran, and North Korea in his speech. On May 6, 2002 United States Under Secretary of State John R. Bolton (now U.N. Ambassador) gave a speech entitled “Beyond the Axis of Evil”. In it he added three more nations to be grouped with the already mentioned “rogue states”: Libya, Syria, and Cuba.

Let us see what has changed since 2022. Iraq is no longer considered in that grouping, for obvious reasons. Iran’s and North Korea’s threat has increased, to the point where military action has been proposed against, at least, Iran, while North Korea still threatens to expand its nuclear threat. LIbya has renounced its weapons of mass destruction, Cuba should never have been on this list, and Syria, while never really accused of possessing WMD’s, might, in fact, have received Iraq’s WMDs.

The President was roundly denounced for this list. He was accused of being simplistic and dangerous at the time, and many suggested it underscored Bush’s naivetie with respect to foreign policy…yet, today, the list is still relevant, and those who suggested that North Korea should not be included on the list were simply wrong. Who was, in fact, being naive?

The fact is, the President has been right in almost every foreign policy adventure he has made. While I cannot credit this to the President, himself, as I have always felt that he is not clever enough for this level of sophistication, someone in the administration, probably Dick Cheney, is coordinating a brilliant foreign policy which could very well lead to a DECREASE in world tension in the future. By conftonting evil, a la President Reagan, instead of ignoring it and hoping it will go away, a la any Democrat and most of the EU, we are  using OUR strength to force evil to back down, since they cannot beat us, at this point. The hope is that, by the end of his term of office, both Iran and North Korea WILL, in fact, back down…and any damage any future Democratic administration can do to undermine this policy will be minimal.


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